Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

 I love spring time! I think I appreciate it more now than ever since we live in a place that has harsher winters. With spring comes the wonderful celebration of Jesus' resurrection! The week of Easter Jude's letter was Rr to represent "rescue"...Jesus came to rescue us from our sins. Our learning activities for the week revolved around this and we enjoyed reading the stories in our Jesus Storybook Bible through out the week.

We also started the tradition of dying Easter eggs. Jude liked the science behind it and watching the colors dissolve.
 His favorite part of the eggs though was throwing them on the paved drive way and watching them bust afterward. Thanks Dad for encouraging that mess. :)
 We got the kiddos a little something for Easter and Jude really enjoyed his surprises.
 What do you get a 5 month old for Easter? A teething toy, a book, and new adorable TOMS of course.
 So what if she thinks her TOMS are also a teething toy.
 She realized she had bunnies on her feet on her Easter jammies and cracked herself up.
 Jude was pumped to get some outdoor things. We got new side walk chalk, bubbles, and one of the velcro ball things. (Do those have a name?)
 Of course the Reese Easter Egg and Peeps were a hit too. He wanted to put the peeps in the microwave to watch them blow up...thank you JJ.
And this is the best Easter picture I could get...I'm a little bias but I think they looked pretty darn cute.

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter service at church starting with a brunch and then the service. Afterward, we had Easter dinner with a wonderful family, the Baumann's. We enjoyed a wonderful meal, an egg hunt, and kite flying. Though we were away from home on another holiday, we had a blessed day celebrating Jesus' greatest gift to us.

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