Monday, April 14, 2014

Trip to NC, Part II-Jude's Birthday Party

The 2 families usually meet in Concord to switch off. I really want Jude and Sadie to have memories of family birthday parties (as much as possible) and since we were close enough to Jude's birthday, we did a belated Lightning McQueen party at Chickfila. It was great to have family there to celebrate Jude. I still can't believe this boy is 3!

 Uncle Zach's girlfriend Brittany owns a bakery near Raleigh and she made Jude's amazing birthday cake. She surprised him with a Tow Mater Rice Krispie cake too!
 Jude couldn't wait to get some cake. We were afraid he would love it so much he wouldn't want to cut it. Instead, he said, "Let's cut this Lightnin'!"
 Needless to say, Jude got LOTS of fun new toys.
 Jude and Eli had a good time in the play place. It was so fun to see these 2 interact on our visit, except Jude's inability to share.
 Jude is like his's difficult to take a posed picture with his eyes open. :)
 Nana and Hannah, the twins.
And, I had to post one of this cutie. This was a few weeks ago, but I haven't posted her in a picture in any Auburn gear yet. In lieu of A Day game, I thought I would add this one. 

Another birthday has passed and I'm trying to soak it all up, day by day.

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