Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miss Priss at 5 Months

Sadie's nickname around our house has become Miss Priss or Prissy and Justin has said several times the name suites her well. Sadie is very sociable, smiles often, and loves watching her brother. Her new favorite toy is her singing puppy from MoMo and Pop's house. (It's one Jude had but we left in NC and she loved playing with it. It sings songs and moves and she will watch and laugh at it forever.)

Sadie is rolling all over the place, turning 360's, and scooting on her belly. We will be surprised if she's not crawling soon. She is wearing some 3-6 month clothes but has moved to some 6 month clothes as well. She is definitely on her last size 2 diapers. (We only use them at night and at church.) The next pack we purchase will have to be 3's.

Sadie prefers to be held, by me. She has began reaching for me and it melts my heart. We moved her to her crib at night (she's been napping there since we moved) when we got back from NC and she's done great! We've dropped her dream feed and her schedule is as follows: Her last feeding is around 8:45-9 pm. Asleep by 9:15 (Yes, we do have late bed times but it works for our family...I think it will bump up when we drop our cat nap in the evening.) She sleeps until 4:45-5:15 am for a feeding, then goes back to sleep until 8-8:30 am. From here she's on a 3.5-4 hours schedule and doing great. She naps well and actually prefers to be put down to fall asleep on her own. If we hold her, she fights it but if we put her down, she'll fuss for only a few minutes and go right to sleep. She continues to not want a pacifier.

We started solids just a few days ago at dinner time. We have tried rice cereal, carrots, and avocado. She loved the avocado. I do think this has helped her with sleeping longer at night.

Every day goes so quickly and I can't believe it's been 5 months since she made her debut. Happy 5 Months Miss Priss!

 Yummy, yummy!
 Finger lickin' good!
Hanging out with Uncle Zach which in N.C.

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