Thursday, March 15, 2012

1 Year Ago

Dear Jude,

One year ago today, you made your quick and grand entrance into this world at 2:35 am. Your Momma and Daddy instantly loved you more than we ever imagined we could. The last 12 months have left us wondering where the time went and praising the Lord for every moment we've been blessed to spend with you.

From the very beginning, you were an excellent eater, as you still are today. You nursed well and those early weeks we had wonderful bonding time, just you and me. You have always enjoyed being outside and going on your daily walks. When you were only a few days old, you wanted to be outside and that was the quickest way to get you to calm down if you were upset. Now, at a year, you crawl to the door and start asking to go play outside. You are your father's don't want to be held. You want to crawl/walk with your walker on the rocks, on the pavement, any want to adventure.

You have a funny personality. You'll try and tickle me or even nibble (literally) on my toes and shrug your shoulders and laugh. You are very giving. (I hope you keep this trait as you move toward age 2.) You want to share your toys, food, cup, lamby, even your paci. You are a snuggler. Just last night we were playing on the floor and you climbed in my arms, nuzzled your head under my chin, and wrapped your arms around me. A Mommy could not ask for much more than that!

You are already showing some of Mommy's OCD tendancies. You want things in their place. You love to put toys in and out of those places, but you want to stay organized. You are close to walking, standing alone for several seconds at a time, but no steps yet. You love your buddy Mason. You pull his hears and tail and loves to lick your head and play ball with you. Y'all are definitely a funny team.

You have 9 teeth...3 which have come in just this past week. You have 4 on top, 4 on bottom, and 1 molar just popping through. You enjoy playing blocks and ball and you especially love playing with your "beep beeps" (aka cars/trucks). Your favorite songs are still the "Wheels on the Bus" and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". You also like it when Mommy sings hymns to you at night or when you're upset. You still despise having your diaper changed on most occasions, but you are showing improvement in this area.

Every day you seem to teach us something different. Your Daddy and I adore you. We have made the comment that you have set the bar high for your future brothers and sisters. We are so thankful to have you sweet son. We pray that the Lord will keep His mighty hand over you, draw you to Himself, and that you would live a life worthy of the Gospel.

We love you and hope you have a very Happy 1st won't remember it, but we'll never forget it!

Love Always,


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