Monday, March 19, 2012

Unto The Lord

March 11th was a huge day for Jude. Not only did we celebrate his 1st birthday, but we also publicly dedicated him to the Lord. This is something that Justin and I had done very soon after we found out we were pregnant, surrendering our child's life into the Lord's hands and acknowledging that we can not raise him alone. However, we wanted this day to be very special with all our family present, so we decided to wait until this date. We had the dedication at my Dad's church near Asheboro, NC and almost everyone was present to celebrate in this time with us.

Before the service began, we let Jude get some energy out by going up and down the stairs. He loves doing this and we thought it would be a great idea to get him good and tired so he would nap during preaching and be ready for his party after the service...see the next post.

Well, this was not a good idea. Once the service got started, all Jude wanted to do was get down and go up and down the stairs. This picture does not do it service...he literally screamed and was red faced the entire time my Dad was admonishing him unto the Lord and giving a beautiful speech about dedicating his first grandchild. Needless to say, we have a strong willed child and we finally gave up and put him down.

Once he got what he wanted, he was delightful! :) Another special thing is this sweet outfit was one Justin wore...tell me my boy isn't precious...sorry, boastful mother stepped in for a moment.

We had a beautiful service praising the Lord for this most precious blessing and asking for guidance, wisdom, and strength as we raise our son.

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