Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Help Save Red Wolves

For those who follow my blog and do not know, my husband is a wild life biologist and worked specifically with Red Wolves for his Master's Research. This is a species of wolves that exist only in a 5 county radius in our home state of North Carolina. There are only 100 in the wild today. There are serious economical and environmental issues if this species does go extinct and the Fish and Wildlife of NC have been working for nearly 22 years to help recover and preserve these animals.

With this said, there is a new law trying to be passed to allow the legalization of night hunting for coyotes. Most people would question, "Why does that matter?" and "How does this effect red wolves?" Well, these 2 species though very different in temperment and nature, favor significantly physically. Passing this law has a high likelihood of severely hurting the red wolf population due to mistaken kills.

For any of you from NC who care about wildlife please go to this link and vote against the proposal to allow for night time hunting of coyotes. The proposal's intentions are great but they make no concession for the five counties in which red wolves exist. For those of you who don't know red wolves only exist in Dare, Tyrrell, Hyde, Washington, and Beaufort counties and no where else in the world. For a hunter 100 yds away they are impossible to tell apart and thus many are likely to die if this proposal is passed. Only 100 exist in NC, the only place in the world they can be found!

Thank you for your support and please pass this along.

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