Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Bash

We had a wonderful time celebrating Jude's 1st birthday back home in NC with our family and closest friends. My brother was sweet enough to share his birthday with Jude. All the guys in our family were also sweet enough to watch the ACC Tournament Championship via iphones. Thank you guys!

Jude had a great time visiting everyone. We had an Italian buffet with yummy baked spagetti, lasagna, salad, and bread. He wasn't too sure of his cake at first, but once he realized that it was something sweet, he dug right in. I think we let him eat a little too much of it because about an hour after the party, after much play on his new slide, he threw up...oops.

This is my favorite picture of him "opening" presents. He got LOTS of fun toys and great books to read, including his favorite "The Wheels on The Bus". He is loving cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels so he got several of these. He also get a new tent/tunnel to climb through/play in. Hopefully now he won't get into Mason's dirty pin.

Family Picture at Jude's first birthday party! The time has gone by so fast. I know it's cliche to say that, but it really does. I remember my grandfather saying he felt like there were 4 Christmases a year and I'm starting to understand this comment more and more.

I have to take a moment to brag on the cake/cup cakes. My brothers girlfriend Brittany owns a bakery (Check it out... Jude's cake was a strawberry cake with chocolate buttercream filling...deliciousness. The cupcakes were a mixture of Cherry Limade (Cherry Cupcakes with Lime buttercream frosting, my personal favorite) and Cherry Cherry Cupcakes (Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Buttercream with chunks of marachino cherries in it)...y' good!

Overall, we had a wonderful day. What a great time celebrating in the life of our sweet little boy the Lord has blessed us with.


Please bless Jude with many more birthdays filled with laughter, joy, and hope that You hold his tomorrow. Thank you for this beautiful blessing. May You alone receive the honor and glory through our son's life.


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